The short history of guitar : Al’ud

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The classical guitar originates from the Arab Instrument called Al’ud. The classical guitar european then developed it’s form and it is known as the lute. The shape of Al’ud is very different from and unique, even if its compared to the lute back in those days. Fret and sound board are have the same height, it’s different with the modern guitar fret, which usually is higher than its soundboard. It also has many ornaments. There are many of this instrument which is shaped like pear and it’s back is rounded just like a melon. The bridge didn’t have many saddles and its tuning is more like a viola instead of a guitar.

We hope this small info could help you to understand a little bit more about the short history of the classic guitar. There are still so many details about guitar that you could learn from the experts, internet, and even from various YouTube videos on the internet. It is also recommended for you to also learn more about the history of violin, due to both of them have the same predecessor instrument.