List of medical conditions that aren’t compatible with drinking Ayahuasca

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For those, who want the different healing option, ayahuasca retreat can be good to put on the consideration list. Somehow, not all people can take this treatment ayahuasca retreat. Important to know that there is a list of some medical conditions that aren’t allowed for ayahuasca retreat. If you are patient with psychological conditions like bipolar, psychosis, and schizophrenia, you are an ideal patient for Ayahuasca.

Not only that, everyone with heart conditions can’t spend their days in our retreat location. Ayahuasca is also not for those with liver and kidney conditions, epilepsy, and diabetes. If you are with pregnancy or plan for pregnancy, it is very important to stay away from thinking of taking advantage of Ayahuasca. Also, those who deals with Pharmaceuticals and supplement or herb supplement can’t join others who will take iowaska retreat. To know a list of Pharmaceuticals, supplement, and herbs that aren’t allowed to consume when taking Ayahuasca, you can visit our site.