Benefit of Search Engine Optimization in Business

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Most of us must have known what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a series of efforts made by a webmaster on a website which aims to increase the visibility of a web page to be better in the search engines, especially Google. Page website that has a good ranking on Google search pages will certainly be an opportunity to get more potential visitors continuously for free. Meet our amazon consulting and make your website be on the first page of Google search result.

When we type a keyword on Google search pages, we will see a list of websites related to that keyword. Page website / blog which is optimised well and at the top sequences (positions 1-4) will usually get more visitors compared to a website that was at the bottom of the search results. We need to consider, what I mean by well-optimized website/ blog by SEO is a website that is above the organic search results, not websites that advertise on Google (Google Ads).

What are the benefits of SEO for a business?
Every business need to get profit, right? A businessman has several ways to increase the profits of their companies, either by offline marketing or through internet marketing. These are the benefits of SEO for online business:
1. Bring potential traffic to your online website, as mentioned earlier, a well-optimised website will yield greater potential traffic
2. Increase brand awareness to your business, Brand awareness is the ability of prospective buyers or consumers to recognise and remember a brand.
3. Get your customer data for free, what are the benefits of this customers’ data? By knowing the data and prospective customers it will be easier to contact them when we issue new products or would like to offer a special promotion to sell old products.