About Tangselone

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http://www.tangselone.com is an online media that combines conventional journalistic with citizen journalism and news and information from various sources. This sort of open space that allows anyone to write and send news, information, opinion or opinions, photos, videos, up to lament alias mail reader. In other words the reader as well as a contributor.

We accept submissions of information of all things, ranging from bad roads, performing arts, culture, releases, inspirational figure, the result of people’s creativity or innovation, information, political, economic, social, events, to report such cases of bribery, corruption, and so on. All of your information will we process to serve to the public.

For those of you who want to learn to be a journalist, this could be the first step for you. Try to make a good story and send it to our editors. If your article qualified, you will see your article posted on our web page.